Prospective Teachers

Openings for the 2018-2019 School Year

  • English
  • Mathematics (Algebra)
  • Living Environment
  • Chemistry
  • Possible vacancies: Special Education and ENL

What is Bronx Latin all about? 

The Bronx Latin school is a 6 – 12th grade school in the South Bronx. The Bronx Latin school is a 6 – 12th grade school serving 550 students in middle school and high school. Bronx Latin also has approximately 30% Special Education students and 17% ENL (English as a New Language) students. In 2017 Bronx Latin celebrated a 96% graduation rate. In 2018 Bronx Latin is anticipating over 95% graduation rate. This obviously comes with a lot of hard work, dedication, and collaboration. The Bronx Latin school was founded in 2004 and modeled after the Boston Latin school. The school expects students in all classes to engage in Socratic Seminars in every subject area, and while the school previously offered Latin so students in grades 6 – 8, the school currently offers French and Spanish to students.  Bronx Latin middle school students engage in a rigorous curriculum that culminate with Exit Projects in the humanities and math/science. Bronx Latin high school students are all programmed to receive four years of math, science, social studies, and English. There are many extra-curricular activities open to the students – but we encourage teachers to start clubs that interest them!

Bronx Latin partners with many outside organizations including College Now at Lehman College, Inwood House, West Point Military Academy, the Hayden Foundation, New Visions for Public Schools, and the NYCDOE Learning Partners-UTR program. Bronx Latin also has a strong partnership with the College Bound Initiative CBI, who works closely not only with the 12th graders but with students in all grades promoting college awareness and guiding students through the college application process.

Who are we looking for?

Bronx Latin is looking for teachers who are enthusiastic and passionate about working with the students of the South Bronx and improving the community, and who firmly believe that these students deserve an exemplary education and access to the best colleges after they leave Bronx Latin.  We are looking for teachers who go above and beyond – hardworking teachers who are not coming in expecting an ‘easy’ job, but are looking forward to a rewarding job and willing to take on the challenge.

  • Whether you are entering as a first year teacher or an experienced one – we are looking for teachers who are always willing to learn and grow, who want to continually build on their craft.
  • Teachers who will provide extra supports for students whether it be Saturday Academy, after school tutoring, or summer school. Our students are successful – but it takes a village to get students where we need them!
  • Date driven – teachers who consistently collect and analyze data to inform instruction.
  • Teachers who understand that for our students sometimes their emotional needs conflict with their academic success – and are willing to give extra support to those students so ensure the succeed.

If you are interested in interviewing for a position at Bronx Latin – please email your resume to and include the subject you are interested in applying for.