Meet Bronx Latin’s first published student author – Savana Rodriguez!

Bronx Latin 12th grade student Savana Rodriguez just published her first book, Ocean of Time, which is available on Amazon. Savana has been a student at Bronx Latin since the 6th grade, and will be graduating this year. The book is the first part in a series that Savana is writing. The description on the back of the book reads :

Delaney Cooper is the Captain of the Crescent Inferno, an all-male pirate crew with the ruthlessness of the most savage of thieves but morals of a knight in shining armor. She makes a life out of plunder, never taking more than she needed, with her second-in-command and lover at her side. She thinks she has decades of this life ahead of her. She is wrong. Soon, she is blindsided with the new knowledge that she can cross into different centuries through the passage of oceanic whirlpools but the discovery comes at a high, terrible price. When she crosses paths with Cassander Thatcher, another time-traveler, they butt heads almost instantly. Surprises come at her from every corner, and she’s suspicious of them all. He is a mysterious stranger in more ways than one, but he can show her the way to navigate her new, upturned life as a time-traveler. Fates are at play. Tables are turned. Neither of them know that something bigger is coming their way. But plans come in stages. Baby steps.

Ms. Nelson, the Assistant Principal, interviewed Savana to ask her about her first book.

Q: How long did this book take you to write?

A: A year and a half. Before that I had written another book about aliens. My love for reading helped me make sure I write this all the way through. Whenever I read I get new ideas. I read mostly teen fiction, action, and fantasy – but I’m also a sucker for romance. 

Q: What genre would you consider your novel to be and how did you go about publishing?

A: Ultimate reality and time travel is the genre. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of time travel. I used to watch Dr. Who, and that acted as a sort of inspiration as well. When thinking about publishing this book, I looked up editors and a publisher, and then looked up self publishing and used Create Space to design a cover.

Q: Do you see yourself writing more in the future?

A: I want to write at least two more books in this series, and I am writing more books now. I also know that in college I want to study creative writing. I don’t have a particular dream job in mind – I just know I want to write and that I want to be a writer.

Message from Administration on #ENOUGH student walkout

March 13, 2018

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

The horrific school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018, has profoundly affected communities across the country and many young people feel spurred to take action.

Young people, through actions like civil disobedience and peaceful protest, have been at the forefront of many movements and struggles for justice in our city’s and our nation’s history, and we recognize that many of our own students may similarly decide to engage in forms of discourse and protest in response to the tragic event in Parkland.

We have been made aware that some students are planning to participate in what is being called “#ENOUGH National School Walkout” to be held on Wednesday, March 14 at 10:00 AM. The walkout is scheduled to be 17 minutes long to commemorate the 17 parkland victims.

While we support students participating in civic engagement and exercising their First Amendment rights, we want to remind you that regular classroom schedules will continue as usual and that the safety of our Bronx Latin students is our number one priority.  Bronx Latin is not encouraging students to leave the school campus due to safety concerns.

If students are planning to attend events after the 17 minutes or leave the campus, they will be considered absent from the classes they miss.  



Bronx Latin

Welcome Back Students!

Welcome back to Bronx Latin students! We hope that you had a restful and productive summer vacation. We are looking forward to another great year here at Bronx Latin! As we start our school year – here is some advice from some of your teachers

“Every year is a new chance at recreating yourself, so use this chance wisely” – Ms. Ho Sang

“Never give up when it gets hard because that’s when you’re actually learning. Fake it til you make it. If life is hard for you at home and you don’t take care of what you need at school it’s going to make it harder- don’t forget that getting your education is the ticket to a better life.” – Ms. Silva

“Disregard the noise around you- honor your own true selves” – Mr. Wood