Bronx Latin Seniors visit the White House

12795314_10107302858734430_3044757286748439621_nOn March 10, Bronx Latin Seniors were invited to a State Arrival Ceremony on the South lawn of the White House, to welcome Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the White House. The invitation stemmed from letters written by the 12th grade Honors Civics class about issues ranging from gun violence, asthma, the minimum wage, and sexual assault laws. We could not be more proud of our seniors who attended the ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House and were able to end their time at Bronx Latin with such a memorable trip.

After our trip the students received a Letter from Obama, in which President Barack Obama wrote some inspiring words for our students, which you can read below along with seeing pictures from our trip where students were also able to visit the Supreme Court and US Capital Building as well!

Congratulations class of 2016 for being invited to the White House and getting to be a part of this wonderful experience.

Obama letter

Bronx Latin 12th Grade Civics Students recieve phone call from the White House and letters from Vice President Joe Biden!

This year, one of the Bronx Latin 12th Grade Honors Civics classes had the students write letters to the President, Vice President, their two Senators, and local Congressman. This week Bronx Latin recieved a phone call from the White House, where the office of Presidential Correspondence said the the letters students had written had touched the hearts of people in the White House and the President’s office. They spoke about the possibility of having Bronx Latin students attend an event at the White House in March!

In addition to this, Bronx Latin students also recieved letters signed by Vice President Joe Biden, addressed to students and addressing each of the individual concernts that the students had made.

We are very proud of the students who wrote the letters and very proud of the letters and invitation they recieved baJoe Biden Letterck!

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers speech at Bronx Latin

CPCSLjrU8AAYD3wOn September 16, 2015 New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio delivered his Equity and Excellence speech at Bronx Latin. Our school was honored to host the mayor and over 300 of the top officials in New York City’s education system, including our schools Chancellor Carmin Farina

During the speech, Mayor de Blasio had some kind words for Bronx Latin as well:

It’s an honor to be here at Bronx Latin. I want to thank Principal Annette Fiorentino of Bronx Latin and the principals at the two other schools that share this building… We’re so happy to be here, because the kids and educators at Bronx Latin exemplify what we want to see, and what we are going to see, at schools all across the city. Bronx Latin looks like a lot of our schools – 92 percent of its students live in poverty. But a love of learning permeates every corner of this place. Students excel in so much, from English to biology to history. 89 percent of them graduate in four years. Bronx Latin students are showing us the future of New York City education. Because what’s happening at Bronx Latin can happen at any school in our city – and it will.

The roots of that achievement grow right here at Bronx Latin, where all 571 students are offered a chance to attend Saturday Academies throughout the year. Principal Fiorentino says that typically, about 300 students show up on any given Saturday morning – 300 coming to do SAT and Regents prep. Those of you who have ever lived with a child, you know how hard it can be to get one out of bed on a Saturday – much less 300.

Feel free to check out the speech in its entirety below: