Middle School Exit Projects

Example bridges from past 7th grade Exit Projects

Each year, the middle-school students complete the school year with an exit project.  The goal of the exit projects is to reach beyond the basic curriculum and produce something unique and also fun.

Here is a brief outline with descriptions of outlines for the 2015-16 Exit Projects

  • 6th Grade Math/Science: Building a Roman Insula out of sugar cubes and building an Aqueduct
    • Students focus on building an insula – which is roman city block and an aqueduct.
    • With the aqueducts they should be able to explain how they work and how they influenced society.
    • With the insula, they should be able to talk about what the function of their structure was in an ancient Roman city, talking about the mathematics of surface area and maximizing area of a shape (square as opposed to rectangles).
    • Students should also be able to explain what a proportion is and why using proportions was necessary to build an insula/scale drawing.
    • Finally, the 6A students have an additional 6 slides that focus on surface area and volume.


  • 6th Grade Humanities: Holding a mock Roman senate debate
    • Students answer the question what makes a civilization great
    • Define legacy and identify four legacies of the Roman civilization seen on history.
    • Explain how the Romans left a lasting impact on government structure in creating the first effective republic, the development of Roman law that provided equality to different social classes, the architecture and engineering ideas seen in Roman infrastructure and today, and how the Latin language impacted the English, Spanish, French, Italian and other modern languages
    • Students will also present part of an argumentative essay on which Roman legacy they believed had the greatest impact on the world, and explain how opponents would counter-argue their ideas.  
  • 7th Grade Math/ Science: Building a bridge out of popsicle sticks
    • Hazard Fines – why did they incur? Did you budget for them? Estimated vs Actual Budget
    • How did you calculate? Were you over or under budget? Glue Plans – How did you buy Popsicle sticks?
    • Different types of bridges: Truss designs, Parts of the bridge, Caissons disease
    • How do bridges constitute progress? How did the Brooklyn Bridge constitute progress? BK Bridge, John, Washington, and Emily Roebling, Compression and Tension, What new technology did John Roebling use in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, Process of building their bridges from start to finish
    • Challenges group faced during building


  • 7th Grade Humanities: Creating a play based on Civil War focus group
    • Students should have a thorough knowledge of the causes and effects of the Civil War
    • Students should have a thorough knowledge of their assigned focus group (Child Soldiers, Women on the Homefront and the Battlefield, African American Soldiers)
    • Students should have a thorough knowledge of their historical figure and their contributions to the Civil War
    • Students will present parts of an argumentative essay they wrote and should be knowledgeable about a thesis, claim, counterclaim, and their evidence
    • Students will present a role play based on their historical figure, they should be knowledgeable about parts of a play
    • Students should know the difference between a primary source and a secondary source 
      7th grade exit project presentation questions


  • 8th Grade Math: Statistics project and paper
    • The research project for the course should be prepared according to the following guidelines:

    • Select a “researchable” problem or issue that is of interest to you.
    • Design and conduct a statistical study to address the problem or issue selected.
    • Prepare a formal paper (APA style standards) that includes the following subheadings:
    • Cover Page
    • Abstract (½ page)
    • Need for the study (½ page)
    • Background Knowledge (½ to 1 page)
    • Methods Sections
      • Participants (½ to 1 page)
      • Materials (½ to 1 page)
      • Procedures (½ to 1 page)
      • Results (1 to 2 pages)
      • Discussion (1 to 2 pages)
      • Appendices (Survey, SPSS Output Tables, etc.)
    •  Writing Style: The paper must be written using APA style.
    • Paper Length: Not to be shorter than eight double-spaced typed pages (not including the cover page or appendices).


  • 8th Grade Humanities: Building a memorial for unrecognized groups in war on terror
    • Students are to present their exit projects on a group or individual who was a victim of the War on Terror. Students are to have an understanding of the following:
      •  The events and importance of 9/11
      • The effects of 9/11
      • A brief understanding of the importance of the events in their timeline
      • In depth knowledge of their focus group’s experiences
      •  An ability to explain how the experiences of their group relates to and/or affects their own lives (and vice versa)
      • Writing Analysis: Knowledge of what makes a strong argumentative essay, thesis, body paragraph.
      • An ability to explain the message portrayed in their memorials and the symbols used to portray their message

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