Policies / Handbook

bronxlatin_frontAll students and parents/guardians will receive the Student and Parent/Guardian Handbook, 6th Edition 2014-2015 during the Bronx Latin orientation or when they enter Bronx Latin. One Handbook will be given to each student for the use of the student and his/her family. It is the responsibility of students and parents/guardians to read the entire Handbook.


Bronx Latin Parent Student Handbook 2016-17


All students and parents/guardians will receive the Student and Parent/Guardian Handbook, 8th Edition 2016-2016 during the Bronx Latin orientation or when they enter Bronx Latin.  One Handbook will be given to each student for the use of the student and his/her family.  It is the responsibility of students and parents/guardians to read the entire Handbook.  The following forms must be completed, signed and returned to the Advisory teacher:




Annette  Fiorentino, Principal

Anna Nelson, Assistant Principal

Parent/Student Handbook, 

8th Edition,

2016 – 2017





The Bronx Latin Handbook is an important document that highlights school policies as well as New York City Department of Education regulations.  It is important that every student abides by all policies set forth by this document so we can focus on educating every student in a harmonious environment.  Our mission is that 100% of our students expand their knowledge base and become life-long learners.

Telephone and FAcsimile contact information

Bronx Latin Main Office……………………………………………………………..    Telephone:  718 991-6349

Facsimile:  718 991-6627  


Dear Scholars,


Welcome to a new school year! To the new members of our community, we extend to you a very warm welcome! We are happy to have you as members of our learning community here at Bronx Latin.  To our returning members, we welcome you back and look forward to continuing our work with you to help you advance yourselves both academically and socially.

This school year, you will work harder than you’ve ever worked before.  This is a good thing: learning, like exercise, will build up your intellectual muscles and prepare you for a successful future, both throughout the school year and beyond Bronx Latin.  You will also have many opportunities for fun and adventure at The Bronx Latin School.  We have many after-school clubs and activities, as well as organized sports teams.

As you walk through our hallways and enter into our classrooms, be respectful of all teachers, staff and scholars.  Greet one another with a friendly “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon”.  Demonstrate care for yourself and for your peers.  Enjoy your learning experience and strive for success.  As always, we, your principal, teachers and staff members, are here to support you on your journey from students to scholars! Fortuna Fortes Juvat!


Bronx Latin Administration, Faculty & Staff



Month Day Event Notes
September Thursday  09/08 First Day of School Students wear complete uniform.
September Monday 09/12 Eid al-Adha No School
September Wednesday 09/28 Parent Teacher Conferences Evening: 5pm-7:30pm
October Monday 10/03- Tuesday 10/04 Rosh Hashanah No School
October Monday 10/10 Columbus Day No School
October Wednesday 10/12 Yom Kippur No School
November Tuesday 11/08 Election Day No School for Students
November Friday 11/11 Veterans Day No School
November Thursday 11/17 Parent/Teacher Conferences Evening: 5pm-7:30pm
November Friday 11/18 Parent/Teacher Conferences Students dismissed at 12:00pm.

Afternoon: 1pm-3:30pm

November Thursday-Friday


Thanksgiving Recess Students return to school on Monday, November 28, 2016
Dec./Jan. Monday 12/26—

Monday 1/2/2017

Winter Recess Students return to school on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.
January Monday 1/16 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day No School
January Tuesday 1/24 –


High School Regents Exams Middle School is in session.

High School—Examinations only.

February Monday 01/30 Spring Term Begins Bronx Latin is Open!
February Monday-Friday


Midwinter Recess School Closed

Students return to school on Monday, February 27, 2017

March Thursday 3/23


Parent/Teacher Conferences Evening: 5pm- 7:30pm
March Friday  3/24 Parent/Teacher Conferences Students dismissed at 12:00.

Afternoon: 1pm- 3:30pm

March Tuesday 3/28 –

Thursday 3/30

Grades 3-8 NYS ELA Exams Regular dismissal time
April Monday 4/10—

Tuesday 4/18

Spring Recess Students return to school on Wednesday, April 19, 2017
May Tuesday, 5/2—

Thursday, 5/4

Grades 3-8 NYS Math Exams Regular dismissal time
May Monday 5/29 Memorial Day Observed School Closed
June Thursday 6/8 Chancellor’s Conf. Day No School for students
June Monday, 6/12 Clerical Day No School for students
June Tuesday 6/13 – Wednesday 6/21 High School Regents Exams Middle School is in session.

High School- Examinations only.

June Monday, 6/26 Eid al-Fitr No School for students
June Wednesday 6/28 Last day of School Have a great summer! J



Report Card/Progress Report/Marking Period Schedule

MARKING PERIOD 1    –   9/8/16 – 11/10/16        GRADES DUE: Monday, 11/14/16

REPORT CARDS DISTRIBUTED: November 17th and 18th *

Progress Reports***: October 13th


MARKING PERIOD 2    –   11/14/16 – 2/3/17        GRADES DUE: Monday, 2/6/17


Progress Reports: December 15th


MARKING PERIOD 3    –   2/6/17 – 4/7/17            GRADES DUE: Thursday, 4/20/17


Progress Reports: March 23rd


MARKING PERIOD 4 – MS – 4/19/17 – 6/19/17   GRADES DUE: Monday, 6/21/17

HS – 4/19/17 – 6/12/17   GRADES DUE: Monday, 6/14/17


Progress Reports: May 18th

parent teacher conferences will be as follows:

“Family Night”& Parent Teacher Conferences

Wednesday September 28, 2016           Time:  Evening:  5:00 pm to 7:30 pm



Thursday, November 17, 2016              Time:        Evening:  5:00 pm to 7:30 pm                        

Friday, November 18, 2016                   Time:        Afternoon:  1:00 pm to 3:00 pm



Thursday, March 23, 2017                    Time:      Evening:  5:00 pm to 7:30 pm               

Friday, March 24, 2017                         Time:      Afternoon:  1:00 pm to 3:00 pm



Thursday, May 18, 2017                      Time:  Evening:  5:00 pm to 7:30 pm


*** Grades can be viewed online through our online grade books at www.pupilpath.com .  Please ask your advisor to help you access your PupilPath Account so that you can log in and check your grades.  You can use this website to look at your exams (both from Middle School and High School Regents), in addition to your current grades in all of your classes.


Standards of Conduct & Conduct Code

Expectations.  Bronx Latin expects each student and parent/guardian to affirm and actively support its standards and rules, which are outlined in the handbook.  These rules support the foundation of academic and ethical standards on which Bronx Latin’s mission depends.  These rules actively encourage the student to establish habits of courtesy and respect for others, including others rights and property and respect for oneself as a member of a community. At the Bronx Latin School we expect our students to make the appropriate choices that will ensure success in all areas.  Individuals are responsible for their own success and failure, which is determined by your daily choices.  Please observe the following behaviors:

  • Be polite to everyone and observe good manners.
  • Be alert and attentive to learning opportunities.
  • Be prepared for class by bringing all necessary books and materials with you.
  • Honor the uniform code.
  • Arrive on time and ready to learn.
  • Be considerate of the school, its classrooms and the school community by keeping our space clean, organized and quiet.
  • Welcome visitors and show them why our school is a special place for learning.
  • Be mindful that when you are away from the school on a school activity, you are representing Bronx Latin as a special place of learning.


Water Bottles: The only allowed beverage in the school building, including the cafeteria, is plain water.  Water must be in a clear water bottle.  No sugary drinks are allowed in school and this includes, but is not limited to, Arizona Iced Teas, sodas, juices, Vitamin Water and coffee/tea. Water bottles may not be placed on a desk.  Clear water bottles containing water must be kept in the student’s back pack and must be returned to their bag after taking a drink of water.


School Trips: The following items are not permitted on school grounds or on school trips: illegal substances, visible/ audible cell phones, headphones, sharp edged instruments, soda, candy, and gum.


Students Leaving the Building: Students are not allowed out of the building without being signed out by a parent/guardian or his/her designee.

School Uniform Policy

All Students: In addition to the dress code policy described below, the following is being added for the academic year 2016-2017 in order to uphold and maintain a professional environment at The Bronx Latin School.

  • All Bronx Latin students must wear appropriate-fitting clothing and avoid anything ill-fitting or too revealing. The midriff and lower back should be completely covered regardless of whether the student is sitting or standing.  Therefore, short shirts and low-cut blouses, which reveal cleavage, are not allowed.  The expectation of appropriate-fitting attire applies to both boys/young men and girls/young women.
  • At no time should the under clothing of any student be exposed from underneath their uniform. Shear blouses, low-hanging pants (“sagging”) and any other clothing that would reveal the underclothing or body of a student is not accepted in The Bronx Latin School.
  • Hats, caps, head gear (such as ear muffs, bandanas or head bands), scarves, gloves, mittens or any other article of clothing considered to be outerwear are not allowed to be worn by students while they are in the building. Jackets, bubble vests and coats are also prohibited.
  • Lace tights are not appropriate and should never be worn to school. They are not a part of our dress code as they violate our standard of professionalism.
  • Any layered clothing (undershirts, long sleeve shirts under short-sleeved shirt, and the like) can be SOLID black or white. Stockings/leggings that are worn underneath appropriate-length shorts or skirts can be SOLID black, white or beige (no design is allowed).

No headgear, hoods or “doobies” may be worn at any time.  Rosary beads may not be worn at any time.  Clothes must not be oversized, baggy, or worn in a way that exposes undergarnments.  During warm weather, young men and women may wear beige or tan uniform shorts to the knee. If shorts are worn at an inappropriate length, the student will be removed from classes for the day.  Changing clothes in the bathroom, before school or after school, is not permitted. 

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Young Women: Middle school young women will wear white polo/collared shirts; tan or beige uniform skirt to the knee (no mini-skirts); solid tan uniform slacks.  Skirts and slacks (no jeans or sweat pants) must be worn at the waist and in an appropriate size.  Jeans are not permitted.  Solid black shoes or solid black sneakers must be worn.  Sweaters and hoodies may be worn, however they MUST be solid black and hoods may not be worn on head.  Clothing worn under the uniform, such as tights or long-sleeve shirts, must either be solid black or solid white.

Young Men: Middle school young men will wear white polo/collared shirts; solid tan or beige uniform slacks.  Slacks (no jeans or sweat pants) must be worn at the waist and in an appropriate size. Jeans are not permitted.  Solid black shoes or solid black sneakers must be worn.  Sweaters and hoodies may be worn, but they MUST be solid black and hoods may not be worn on head.  Clothing worn under the uniform, such as long-sleeve shirts must either be solid black or solid white.

Uniform Detention Policy: If students arrive out of dress code, they will be required to visit their teachers during the first period of the day in order to pick up the day’s work.  They will then be placed in an alternative classroom, where they will be expected to work on their assignments independently.  They will be given a bag lunch, as they will not be permitted into the lunchroom, and must turn in all work and borrowed textbooks to the appropriate teachers by the end of the day.


High School (Grades 9-12)

Young Women: High school young women will wear black or white polo/collared shirts; tan or beige uniform skirt to the knee (no mini-skirts); solid tan uniform slacks.  Skirts and slacks (no jeans or sweat pants) must be worn at the waist and in an appropriate size.  Jeans and leggings are not permitted.  In addition to the solid black shoes or sneakers, the ladies may also wear other styles of sneakers/shoes.  Slippers and flip flops are not permitted.  Sweaters and hoodies may be worn; however they MUST be solid black and hoods may not be worn on head. Clothing worn under the uniform, such as tights or long-sleeve shirts, must either be solid black or solid white.

Young Men: High school young men will wear black or white polo/collared shirts; solid tan or beige uniform slacks.  Slacks (no jeans or sweat pants) must be worn at the waist and in an appropriate size.  Jeans are not permitted.  In addition to the solid black shoes or sneakers, the gentlemen may also wear other styles of sneakers/shoes.  Slippers and flip flops are not permitted.  Sweaters and hoodies may be worn; but they MUST be solid black and hoods may not be worn on head. Clothing worn under the uniform, such as long-sleeve shirts, must either be solid black or solid white.

Uniform Detention Policy: If students arrive out of dress code, they will be required to visit their teachers during the first period of the day in order to pick up the day’s work.  They will then be placed in a Middle School classroom, where they will be expected to work on their assignments independently.  They will be given a bag lunch, as they will not be permitted into the lunchroom, and must turn in all work and borrowed textbooks to the appropriate teachers by the end of the day.  As high school is much more rigorous and the material is more challenging for students, arriving out of dress code places the student at a disadvantage and makes it harder for him/her to keep up with the workload.


Consequences for A Pattern of Non-Compliance: Students who are determined to have a pattern of not being in dress code with regard to the Bronx Latin uniform will be barred from trips, after-school activities(including organized sports teams), communal lunch and recess, assemblies, and given detention and a Case Conference will be scheduled

Athletic & After-School Activities Expectations

The athletic department at The Bronx Latin School has many opportunities for scholar-athletes.  In order to be a part of a sports team, all scholars must be in good academic standing and exhibit exemplary behavior as a model student within the school community.  Disciplinary action can be taken against those scholar-athletes who do not perform according to standards, both academically and athletically.  Participation in games and practices is determined by the Director, coaches, the principal and school faculty.

  • Test-Taking Protocols (the “Rules”)

Student’s Responsibility.  In addition to observing all relevant parts of the Honor Code, Bronx Latin students must observe the Rules when taking any type of examination, including, but not limited to, quizzes; pop quizzes; teacher developed tests; NYS and NYC examinations; mock quizzes and tests; diagnostic tests; and/or national tests such as the PSAT.  The teacher or the proctor sets ALL the Rules for taking the test which will include rules required by city, state and national bodies. The Rules include but are not limited to:

  • where students are required to sit;
  • the position of desks and chairs;
  • the procedure for sharpening pencils (Note: students must bring two (2) pre-sharpened pencils into the testing room.);
  • how many and what kind of pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, scratch paper, test booklets, calculators, protractors, wrist watches, etc., may be out on the desk;
  • what, if any, materials may be out on students’ desks;
  • if book bags, purses, duffle bags, etc., are permitted in the testing room and where they must be placed;
  • the procedure for getting the attention of the teacher/proctor;
  • the procedure for requesting to use the restroom; and
  • the procedure(s) the student must follow upon completion of the examination.

No Talking.  There is NO TALKING in the testing room from the moment students enter until they are dismissed.  NO TALKING about sports, the weather or even a hello to fellow students.  NO TALKING about anything.  The student raising her/his hand signals all questions to the teacher/proctor.  This includes questions before, during and after the examination.  The teacher/proctor will decide whether to call on the student or walk to the student’s desk.  Students will ask their questions in a very quiet voice.

Arrival and Dismissal Time and Policy

For All Students.  Classes begin at 8:15 am. Classes end at 2:35 pm. for both middle and high school students.  Students will arrive and enter the building on Tinton Avenue, exit 4.  Middle School students will be dismissed on Tinton Avenue, exit 9.  High School students will be dismissed on Tinton Avenue, exit 4.  All Bronx Latin students who arrive late after 9:00 a.m. must enter through the main entrance on Home Street and proceed up stairway 2/3.  School Safety Agents will be present to monitor student behavior entering and leaving school.  The same respectful behavior expected within Bronx Latin walls should continue on the street.  Safe, respectful and considerate behavior is expected everywhere, including on buses or trains.

Breakfast Arrival.

In addition to our below mentioned breakfast policy the following is being added for the academic year 2016-2017 in order to maintain the cleanliness of our school building.

  • Breakfast for all students begins at 7:45am. During this time, students may eat the school-provided breakfast or bring in BREAKFAST-APPROPRIATE foods.
  • At the start of class, even if a student arrives late, all food items must be put away. Students are not allowed to eat in the hallways, main office nor the classroom.
  • Students may resume eating during their lunch period.
  • Students may not go to the cafeteria for breakfast. Students should pick up their breakfast at the breakfast cart located in front of the main office, Room 426.  Students should then proceed to either tutorials or study hall.  Students may not eat breakfast in first period class.

Dismissal.  Middle School students will be accompanied by their advisory teacher down the stairs through exit 9, on Tinton Avenue.  High School students exit the building through exit 4.  Congregating (loitering) anywhere in the school vicinity is prohibited.  There is no formal supervision beyond the school, so it is imperative that students travel directly home or to a parent/guardian-authorized after-school program.

Metro Card

Students’ Responsibility.  A Metro Card will be distributed in Advisory to all eligible students.  These cards may be used until the end of 2016.  In January, Metro Cards for the spring semester, 2017 will be distributed.  It is the students’ responsibility to be accountable for their Metro Cards.  Bronx Latin expects students to keep their Metro Cards until the Metro Cards expire.

Passes and Hallway Policy

Non-Negotiable Policy. It is a non-negotiable policy of Bronx Latin that no student may be in the hallway without a pass, except during the change of class or under the supervision of faculty, staff or another adult.  This non-negotiable policy ensures the safety and security of the Bronx Latin community as well as provides an appropriate environment for learning.

No Restroom passes will be given during the first ten (10) minutes or last ten (10) minutes of class and only three (3) passes are given in any class period except in emergencies.  No restroom passes are given during first period or the period immediately after lunch.  Students are expected to use the bathroom during breakfast and lunch.

Cutting Consequences. Any student in the hallway without a pass is cutting and will be given a Recess Detention in the Middle School.  High School period attendance is an essential component for gaining credits for the course. Students determined to have a persistent pattern of this behavior will be issued an after-school detention and a Case Conference will be scheduled.

Personal Property and Cell Phone Policy

NYCDOE Policy: As of 2/26/15 the NYC Department of Education Chancellor issued a new regulation regarding cell phones and other electronic devices in school. Chancellor’s Reg A-413 states that students are permitted to bring the following electronic items to school: cell phones, laptops, tablets, iPads, and other similar computing devices, and portable entertainment systems such as iPods, MP3 players, PSP and Nintendo DS. Cell phones and portable music and entertainment systems may not be turned on and used during the administration of any school quiz, test, or examination. Cell phones, computing devices and portable music and entertainment systems may not be turned on or used during school fire drills or other emergency preparedness exercises. Cell phones, computing devices, and portable entertainment systems may not be used in locker rooms or bathrooms.

Bronx Latin Policy: Chancellors Reg A-413 states that schools must make their own school based policies regarding the use of cell phones, computing devices, and tablets about use on school property and procedure for confiscation, storage, and return of such items. Bronx Latin cannot be responsible for personal property brought to school.  Students are urged not to bring sentimental or valuable property to school. Bronx Latin cell phone policy states that students must put away and turn off technology before entering the school building in the morning, and students are not permitted to use electronic devices/cell phones at all during the school day including during class, in the halls, lunchrooms, bathrooms, gym, school yard, or on any other part of the school premises. Use of technology in the school building will lead to confiscation of prohibited items.

Items Prohibited. Certain personal property is not to be brought to school.  Headphones are not to be worn or visible on students in the school building, except in classes where headphones are being used for educational purposes and with the teacher’s permission. Headphones must be put away before entering the school building. Other items including “selfie sticks”, other monopods or tripods, electronic games, laser pointers, etc. and sharp metal instruments, belts with large buckles and wallet chains are prohibited in school.  These items will be confiscated.  See the NYCDOE Citywide Standard of Discipline and Intervention Measures (the “NYCDOE Discipline Code”) and the Chancellor’s Regulation A-412.

Retrieving Confiscated Items. Confiscated items must be picked up by the parent/guardian only between 2:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday-Thursday at Bronx Latin in the Main Office, Room 426.

Locker Policy. Bronx Latin students are required to keep their coats in a locker during the school day.  Students may go to their lockers in the morning before 1st period, before lunch, after lunch (middle school only) and at dismissal.  Students may NOT go to their lockers at any other time of the school day.  School lockers should be kept clean and orderly.  If students share lockers, both students should know and memorize the combination.  Students are required to give their combinations to their advisors.  If they forget their combination, students can get it from their advisor.  Students must use combination locks.  Locks that open with keys are not permitted.

School Property

Expectations.  Students are expected to use equipment and furniture as intended.  Students are expected to:

  • clean the area surrounding their seats after each class;
  • discard all paper and trash in an appropriate trash receptacle; and
  • discard no paper or other items in the hallways, stairwells, schoolyard or on school grounds.

Consequences.  Students who are destructive by marking, cutting or defacing desks, walls, busses, buildings or any other school items or materials will be disciplined.  At the discretion of the Bronx Latin administration, students and parents/guardians may be required to pay for damages.

Technology Policy

A Privilege.  Use of the technology resources owned by the NYCDOE and/or Bronx Latin is a privilege, not a right, and the privilege may be revoked at any time for unacceptable conduct.  The Bronx Latin Honor Code applies to work done on a computer and to research conducted on a computer.

Acceptable Uses.  Acceptable and responsible use of technology resources requires that users:

  • respect the privacy of others by not tampering with their files, passwords or stored materials;
  • use only computer ID’s/passwords and systems which you are authorized to use, and use them for the purpose for which they are intended;
  • respect the integrity of the technology systems and data; for example, not intentionally developing or using programs that harass others, infiltrate the computer or computing system, and/or damage or alter the software components or computing systems;
  • respect the legal protection provided by copyright and license to programs and data;
  • use the technology resources in a manner that is consistent with ethical principals, accepted community standards and the Bronx Latin Honor Code.
  • if you have any questions, ask the Bronx Latin faculty.

Google Apps for EDU Acceptable Use (Privacy and Safety)

Apps for Education is primarily for educational use. Students may use Apps for personal use subject to the restrictions below and additional school rules and policies that may apply.

  1. Privacy – School staff, administrators, and parents all have access to student email for monitoring purposes. Students have no expectation of privacy on the Apps system.
  2. Limited personal use – Students may use Apps tools for personal projects but may not use them for:
  3. Unlawful activities
  4. Commercial purposes (running a business or trying to make money)
  5. Personal financial gain (running a web site to sell things)
  6. Inappropriate sexual or other offensive content
  7. Threatening another person
  8. Misrepresentation of the school, staff or students. Apps, sites, email, and groups are not public forums. They are extensions of classroom spaces where student free speech rights may be limited.
  9. Safety
  10. Students may not post personal contact information about themselves or other people. That includes last names, addresses and phone numbers.
  11. Students agree not to meet with someone they have met online without their parent’s approval and participation.
  12. Students will tell their teacher or other school employee about any message they receive that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable.
  13. Students are responsible for the use of their individual accounts and should take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from being able to use their account. Under no conditions should a user provide his or her password to another person.
  14. Access Restriction – Due Process
  15. Access to Google Apps for Education is considered a privilege accorded at the discretion of the school. The school maintains the right to immediately withdraw the access and use of Apps when there is reason to believe that violations of law or NYCDOE policies have occurred. In such cases, the alleged violation will be referred to the Principal for further investigation and account restoration, suspension, or termination. As a party of the Agreement with Google, the school also reserves the right to immediately suspend any user account suspected of inappropriate use.  Pending review, a user account may be terminated as part of such action.

Recess Detention

Any Middle School student assigned to Recess Detention will immediately report to the designated recess detention room at the beginning of the period.  All detention students will be provided with a bag lunch.  Students are required to work on academic assignments during detention.

Bronx Latin Cafeteria Rules

Students must follow the Bronx Latin policy and rules for eating in the cafeteria to ensure the lunch period is enjoyable and safe for all students, faculty and staff.  The cafeteria is one of the public areas and its students are responsible for helping to keep the cafeteria, hallways, and stairwells of the school clean.  Students must be considerate of others and:

·      provide their name to the teacher who is signing them in for lunch;
  • if the student is required to pay for lunch, the student is expected to have the money with them when they enter the lunch line;
·      remain in line without breaking into line or allowing others in front of them;
·      speak in a soft voice using appropriate language;
·      keep their areas clean;
·      follow directions given by a faculty member;
·      abstain from running;
·      observe table manners, remembering not to throw food or touch others or their belongings;
·      dispose of trash and recyclable material appropriately;
·      not leave the cafeteria unless supervised by an adult.
·      not take food or drinks to the School Yard.

Prohibited Foods. Soft drinks and candy are prohibited even in the cafeteria.  Remember, food, including snacks, may not be eaten anywhere in the building except in the cafeteria or during sanctioned Bronx Latin specific events.

After Lunch. After lunch, Middle School students must wait quietly at their tables and follow directions given by the faculty member to move to recess.  At the conclusion of recess, all students must line up by class.  The faculty member supervising them will escort students to their next period class.  At the conclusion of the lunch period, High School students will be dismissed to return back upstairs for advisory.

Inclement Weather. On days when students do not have access to the schoolyard, Middle School students will remain in the cafeteria until advisory.



Grading Policy

There are FOUR marking periods in an academic year.  Students at Bronx Latin are given numerical grades:

      •  Homework – 15%
      • Class work and Participation – 35%
      • Tests/Quizzes/Projects – 50%
  • Course Electives are graded differently.  An example of one possible breakdown is shown below:
  • Participation – 5% – 10%
  • Tests/ Journals – 30% – 50%
  • Notebook – 5% – 10%
  • Classwork – 30% – 40%
  • Students will also earn conduct grades, which assess the student’s behavior during the entire marking period (E-excellent, G-good, S-satisfactory, N-needs improvement, U-unsatisfactory)

At Bronx Latin, students will have the opportunity to earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum honors! Work hard and your name will appear on the Hall of Fame Bulletin Boards throughout the school! All honors students are celebrated!

Homework Policy

Homework Assigned. Homework is determined and assigned at the discretion of each faculty member and is explained in each course outline.  In the middle school, parents must check their child’s homework planner on a daily basis and are required to sign it.

Late homework assignments are accepted without penalty only with a letter from a doctor or parent.  If students hand in homework assignments late without a note, they will receive partial credit. 

Grading Scheme

Below is an explanation of how you (the students) will be graded in each category:

Examinations/Tests.  Examinations/tests cover material presented and discussed in class as well as information in the readings and homework and will usually take an entire class period.

Missed Examinations/Tests.  Faculty will schedule the time for a student to take a missed examination/test. Make‑up examinations/tests, and some assignments, can be taken or completed only with a note from parents/guardians explaining the absence.

Quizzes.  Quizzes may be given with or without notice.  Quizzes may be multiple choice, short answer, brief essay or in another form.  “Do Now” problems may also count as a quiz.

Homework.  Students will receive at least one hour of homework daily, including the thirty (30) minutes of independent reading.  Completed homework assignments must be turned in on the due date.  Students must hand in work neatly handwritten in blue or black ink or typed.  Pencils are encouraged for Mathematics.

Classroom Participation.  Participation is often an indication that homework has been thoroughly completed.  When considering this part of the grade, the faculty will take into account the following criteria:

  • the ability to participate actively in class discussions, demonstrating that the assigned work was completed;
  • the ability to follow directions; and
  • preparedness for class (having all required materials for class).

It also encompasses how well students conduct themselves in class.  When considering this part of the grade, the faculty will take into account the following criteria:

  • behavior throughout the entire class period;
  • how the student asks questions; and
  • how the student maintains the classroom routine and practices as set by each faculty member.

Students who show a poor attitude are considered to be lacking the appropriate classroom participation conduct.  Poor or inconsiderate behavior is unacceptable.

Project-Based Work/Portfolio Assignments.  These include projects, papers, research assignments, book reports, laboratory reports and group projects given at any time during the school year as homework, Holiday Assignments (those assignments that are to be completed over school holidays) and any other assignment.  Work and assignments submitted after the due date are subject to partial credit.

Extra Credit.  Extra credit is available to students but must not be used in place of satisfactorily completing regularly assigned work or successfully taking examinations/tests and quizzes.  Extra credit is not a method to use to pass regular class work or examinations/tests.

Punctuality.  Punctuality involves coming into class on time, quietly taking a seat, copying the homework and beginning the “Do Now” assignment immediately.  There will be a penalty for lateness.  A student who shows a pattern of lateness will serve a mandated recess detention.

Classroom Conduct

Students will:

  • enter the classroom quietly;
  • go to their assigned seats;
  • take out their academic tools;
  • copy the homework assignment (1-3 minutes);
  • read and complete the “Do Now” (2-3 minutes);
  • on correctly headed paper write the lesson aim; and
  • review the “Do Now” as a class.
  • The lesson for the day will then continue.


In addition to the classroom expectations established by each teacher, all Bronx Latin students are expected to follow the “SLANT” model:

S: Sit up straight

L: Listen

A: Ask questions/Activate your mind

N: Nod to show you’re listening

T: Track the speaker with your eyes

Students must meet these expectations every day.  Consequences are at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

Absence Policy

Absence is an excuse, not a circumstance.  There are no excused absences.

Attendance Policy

Bronx Latin Policy.   Bronx Latin strongly insists upon excellent attendance, which is the only way students can gain the benefit of their education.  The life and work ethic exemplified by excellent attendance is necessary to maintain a first-class school, to support the mission of Bronx Latin and to build a better community.

Please adhere to the attendance guidelines listed below:

  • Absence from School. If a student will be absent from school, the parent/guardian must contact the school either the day of the absence, or, if possible, prior to the absence.  A letter is required upon your return explaining your absence.
  • All absences from school are recorded as absences, even absences that are deemed legitimate. Once the school has been notified about the reason for the student’s absence, the Principal will determine whether the absence is legitimate or not for purposes of making up classroom work and examinations.
  • Repeated Absences. After three (3) absences deemed not legitimate over the course of the marking period, the school will contact the parent/guardian and appropriate home visits or a Case Conference will be scheduled.
  • Return after a Long Absence. Decisions regarding make-up work will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Principal in consultation with faculty and the Guidance Counselor.
  • Cutting and Chronic Lateness. Chronic lateness to school and/or cutting, which is absence from individual classes or staying home without parental permission, will also result in disciplinary action and the school contacting the parent/guardian.  Consequences apply!
  • Ten Consecutive Absences. School officials are required by law to contact the state for absences that last 10 consecutive days or longer.  In the event, an investigation will follow that is conducted by ACS, Administration of Child Services.

Attendance Award

Importance of Attendance.  Bronx Latin believes that excellent academic achievement and mastery of critical skills are necessary to be a truly effective person and are directly related to school attendance.

Religious Holidays & Other Legitimate Absences

To be excused for a religious holiday, students must have:

  • advance written notice signed by a parent/guardian; and
  • approval from the Principal.

To be excused for a non-medical absence other than a religious holiday, students must have:

  • advance written request, signed by a parent/guardian (no telephone calls); and
  • approval from the Principal.



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