About Us

Bronx Latin High School School Description:  The Bronx Latin School is a college preparatory school for students in grades 6 through 12. We offer a rigorous program of arts and sciences and encourage serious scholarship, independent thought, and clarity of expression. We work to inspire students to achieve their personal best through collaboration, inclusion, and goal-setting in a supportive environment of high expectations. We believe every child has the right to an exemplary education.  We strive to empower our students to thrive in and graduate from college and positively impact their communities.


  • Bronx Latin provides a classical college preparatory education grounded in New York
  • City life.
  • Small classes enable one-on-one attention, and allow for individualized instruction, and
  • college advisement. Students at Bronx Latin consistently meet or exceed standards on
  • NYS standardized exams.
  • Student support services include daily advisory groups, counseling, conflict mediation,
  • homework help, peer tutoring, and before and after school academic assistance.
  • Interdisciplinary courses are centered on essential questions that serve as the framework
  • for learning units. Each unit culminates in a Socratic Seminar.
  • Foreign Language offerings are available.
  • The school collaborates with various institutions and organizations.

At Bronx Latin, scholars are expected to take their studies seriously; in turn, they are treated as dignified and hard-working young women and men. Within an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, we offer each student the challenge of meeting high standards and the support to achieve them. It is our primary objective to prepare students to pursue and thrive in higher education.  The Bronx Latin School community welcomes your interest in our school and invites you to visit.

High Standards:  The Bronx Latin administration, faculty and staff are committed to this mission and have pledged to set and maintain high standards, provide challenging material and the support necessary to enable students to achieve. Ultimately, each student’s success rests with that student and his/her parents/guardians, who must commit themselves to the goals, values and standards of Bronx Latin.  Bronx Latin supports the intellectual, personal, physical and cultural development of each student, encourages serious study and provides an orderly and attractive place in which to learn together.  We expect our students to abide by a code of excellence.