Bronx Latin Students – Fall Volunteering and Giving Back!

The Bronx Latin National Honor Society and students have had a busy fall filled with volunteering. Part of being a member of NHS includes completing 20 hours of community service each semester, and Bronx Latin students are off to a great start! Twice this year Bronx Latin HS students have joined up with Millennium HS students in Manhattan to volunteer. In October students participated in both NY Cares Day Fall and volunteered with the Fort Tryon Park Beautification team to clean up Forty Tryon Park! In November students joined with the 92nd Street Y to volunteer for their annual Teensgiving volunteer project, where students traveled to UCP (United Cerebral Palsy) Waterside to volunteer with residents! We are so proud of our students and all they do!











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Bronx Latin featured in the NY Times and Google Blog using Google Expeditions

Students using Google Expeditions, via a cardboard viewer and a smartphone, at Bronx Latin High School in New York. Credit Andrew Federman/Bronx Latin High School (via the New York Times, September 28, 2015)

Students using Google Expeditions, via a cardboard viewer and a smartphone, at Bronx Latin High School in New York. Credit Andrew Federman/Bronx Latin High School (via the New York Times, September 28, 2015)

Bring virtual reality field trips to your school with Google Expeditions

September 28, 2015

At the Bronx Latin School in New York City, teacher Katrina Roman says the topic of ancient history doesn’t usually set students abuzz. But this week, they took a field trip to ancient Aztec ruins using Google Expeditions, a virtual reality teaching tool built with Google Cardboard. Normally, their assignment would involve poring over photocopied photographs, but instead, they stood at the top of Chichen Itza, then examined detailed carvings at Tenochtitlan. Amid “oohs” and “aahhs,” the students shouted out details they noticed and shot hands up to answer Ms. Roman’s questions.

Katrina Roman’s class at the Bronx Latin School fills out their assignment after visiting Aztec ruins with Expeditions. The class is part of a history and geography pilot with New Visions for Public Schools.

Starting today, we’re bringing this experience to thousands of schools around the world with the new Expeditions Pioneer Program. During the 2015/2016 school year, we’ll be bringing “kits” containing everything a teacher needs to run a virtual trip for their class:ASUS smartphones, a tablet for the teacher to direct the tour, a router that allows Expeditions to run without an Internet connection, and Google Cardboard viewers or Mattel View-Masters that turn phones into virtual reality headsets. Although nothing replaces hopping on the bus for a field trip, there are some places that are just out of reach (hello, Chichen Itza!). Virtual reality gives teachers a tool to take students places a school bus can’t.
To help teachers learn how to use Expeditions, we’ll be visiting thousands of schools around the world and bringing the kit for teachers to use in their classes for the day. Up first: Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S., followed by more locations as the school year progresses. At each school, our team will show teachers how Expeditions works and help set it up before class.

Right now, teachers can choose from a library of 100+ virtual trips to places like Mars, the Great Barrier Reef and the Great Wall of China. But we’re constantly adding more trips with the help of partners like PBS, educational publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, British documentarian David Attenborough in collaboration with Alchemy VR, and the Wildlife Conservation Society. We’re also working with the Starfish Foundationto help students explore future careers by showing them a virtual day in the life of professionals including a veterinarian and computer scientist. And to help students achieve those career goals, we’re working with First Lady Michelle Obama to support her Reach Higher initiative by taking students on virtual college tours.

And if you see one of these cars on the road, that’s us! The folks at Subaru, who invest in education as part of their Love Promise initiative, have created a fleet of Expedition Pioneer Program rides that we’ll be using to bring kits to schools.

If visiting Mars, trekking on the Great Wall of China or exploring what it’s like to work at a veterinarian’s office sounds like something your class would be interested in, head to the Expeditions Pioneer Program site and sign up.
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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers speech at Bronx Latin

CPCSLjrU8AAYD3wOn September 16, 2015 New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio delivered his Equity and Excellence speech at Bronx Latin. Our school was honored to host the mayor and over 300 of the top officials in New York City’s education system, including our schools Chancellor Carmin Farina

During the speech, Mayor de Blasio had some kind words for Bronx Latin as well:

It’s an honor to be here at Bronx Latin. I want to thank Principal Annette Fiorentino of Bronx Latin and the principals at the two other schools that share this building… We’re so happy to be here, because the kids and educators at Bronx Latin exemplify what we want to see, and what we are going to see, at schools all across the city. Bronx Latin looks like a lot of our schools – 92 percent of its students live in poverty. But a love of learning permeates every corner of this place. Students excel in so much, from English to biology to history. 89 percent of them graduate in four years. Bronx Latin students are showing us the future of New York City education. Because what’s happening at Bronx Latin can happen at any school in our city – and it will.

The roots of that achievement grow right here at Bronx Latin, where all 571 students are offered a chance to attend Saturday Academies throughout the year. Principal Fiorentino says that typically, about 300 students show up on any given Saturday morning – 300 coming to do SAT and Regents prep. Those of you who have ever lived with a child, you know how hard it can be to get one out of bed on a Saturday – much less 300.

Feel free to check out the speech in its entirety below: