College Draft Day! Friday, May 27th

Bronx Latin Seniors are excited for our second annual College Draft Day taking place this Friday, May 27th in the auditorium. Students, parents, and teachers are encouraged to attend to support our seniors as they announce the colleges they have chosen to attend this Fall!

College draft day

Art & Music Showcase on Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 3:30 PM

Please join us on May 19th (this Thursday) to witness the awesome talent of our Bronx Latin students and all of the hard work that has been produced this year in the Art & Music Department!  See you there!



June 2016 Regents Examination Schedule

Students and Parents –

The June Regents are fast approaching.  Please ask your students teachers and advisors about their scores on Regents Simulations, and ensure that students are attending every Saturday Academy and tutoring session to ensure they are prepared. Students who do not pass the Regents in June will take the Regents again in August after summer school.

Ask your students what Regents they are sitting for in June, but here is a general list by grade level:

  • 8th Grade:
    • Earth Science Regents (ALL 8th graders)
    • Common Core Algebra Regents
  • 9th Grade:
    • Common Core Algebra/ Common Core Geometry Regents
    • Living Environment/ Earth Science Regents
  • 10th Grade:
    • Earth Science/ Living Environment Regents
    • Common Core Algebra/ Geometry/ Algebra II Regents
    • Global Regents (* For students who did not pass in January)
    • Common Core English Regents (* For some 10th grade students)
  • 11th Grade:
    • Chemistry/ Earth Science Regents
    • Common Core Geometry/ Algebra II Regents
    • US History Regents
    • Common Core English Regents (* For students who did not pass in January)
  • 12th Grade:
    • Chemistry Regents
    • Algebra II Regents

June 2016 Regents Schedule